Management Systems

Advantages of transparent and applied enterprise management systems

   .: Responsibilities will be clarified at every management level
   .: The allocation of results to respective work processes will enable a concrete understanding of the contexts
   .: Overlaps or gaps in competencies will be identified and aligned
   .: Transparency of business processes will motivate employees to participate in process improvements
   .: The continuous improvement of the processes leads to effective and efficient use of the business company resources

The Learning Organisation:

     Proven reference models as basis for the organisation´s process maps
               > Quality Management System (SIO 9000:2000)
               > IT Security Management System (SIO 27001)
               > IT Service Management System (ITIL/ISO 20000)


  A Management System as a roadmap for the enterprise

   .: Definition of business processes on a appropriate level


   .: End-to-end process map from identification of customer requirements to proven customer satisfaction

   .: Assignment of responsibilities to middle management for effective resource allocation
         > Audit of accuracy and sensibility of risk measures
         > Confirmation of employee competencies through training and education
         > Creation of an effective work environment

   .: Clarification of management responsibilities
         > Communications of Company Vision, Mission and Security Objectives
         > Allocation of process resources
         > Implementation of an effective feed-back mechanism on process performance
         > Organisational matrix of personnel and processes
         > Monitoring, evaluation and reporting of process performance

   .: Project Management, if required, until successful certification of management system
      (ISO 9000:2000, ISO 27001, ISO 20000)

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